Flow Hero Microsoft

The company leaked and then officially unveiled a new tool called Flow, which allows automated actions to be created between applications.

Microsoft has accidently revealed a new tool called Flow, which gives users the ability to create automatic actions for web accounts.

The company seems to have made a premature announcement with a brief description of the Flow feature that was quickly removed from Microsoft.com. The service has since gone live with a preview build announced by Microsoft.


That means the company was not quite ready for the announcement, but we know that the tool will be good for those without particular coding experience. Flow will let users automate actions between online accounts like Twitter and OneDrive.

MSPoweruser makes an accurate comparison between Flow and IFTTT, which has become popular as an easy way to make If-Then command chains.


While IFTTT is consumer focused, Microsoft’s service appears to be geared towards enterprise and lets users create automated workflows between applications. The automated chains can offer notifications, data collection, and file synchronization.

Microsoft Flow makes it easy to mash-up two or more different services. Today, it is publicly available as a preview, at no cost. We have connections to 35+ different services, including both Microsoft services like OneDrive and SharePoint, and public software services like Slack, Twitter and Salesforce.com, with more being added every week.

Users can start by using templates and can perform tasks such as save an email attachment directly in a SharePoint document library, or send a Slack notification for GitHub issues. Flow connects with several Microsoft services like SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive, but is also available on other services like Slack, Twitter, Google Drive and more.