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Microsoft Outlook Dealt Blow as Google Debuts Exchange Support for Gmail


has been given more potency as an email management service with the addition of Exchange support, providing Outlook with a powerful competitor.

is targeting Microsoft's mobile and email ambitions by rolling out Microsoft Exchange support on Gmail, making it available for and tablets.

This essentially means users can now use Gmail through Exchange for work and personal email management on Android.

Until now Exchange support has only been available on Google's own Nexus devices, while Google has allowed non-Gmail accounts from Yahoo and Hotmail to be set up on all devices for more than a year.

The importance of adding Exchange support means Android users do not need to have Outlook or another email manager to access their account for work.

In other words, this gives users another alternative and one that happens to be one among the most popular email services on the market. Gmail now feels much more like an email management service like Outlook.

The newly-added Exchange support removes a roadblock for people who wanted to use Gmail for work and personal email on an Android device.

Now, whether you're on Google Apps or Exchange, you can use the Gmail app on any Android device to send and receive mail,” Google noted in a blogpost.

The company says the support will be added via a Google Play update that will be available to users within the next few days. Google says that the addition of Exchange on Gmail means users will also have access to the calendar and contacts from Microsoft's service.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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