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Microsoft Wants to Lead Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2016


The company is talking about the ways it is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 this week, with several collaborations highlighted at Hannover Messe 2016.

In an official blog post coinciding with its presence at Hannover Messe 2016, has said it plans to be at the forefront of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Known as Industry 4.0, Microsoft will be discussing its position at the largest industry tech exhibition, where CEO Satya Nadella held a keynote on Sunday. In its blog post the company said:

We will demonstrate how Microsoft together with its customers and partners are building ecosystems of intelligence – business ecosystems for interconnected services, people and things.

Windows 10 is the driver for this development the company says, from tiny Internet of Things devices to larger devices and systems.

Microsoft details a number of growing technology firms that are using as a platform foundation for growing new services.

Engineering services firm IAV is known for its automated vehicle technology and is using Microsoft's Continuum feature through Windows 10 to deliver the platform directly to the dashboard. This allows occupants to access important data and information regarding the vehicle and roads, while also featuring apps like Mail, Maps, Cortana, and Business.


Sticking with the traffic theme, SM!GHT is a corporate startup of EnBW, which has developed smart city traffic lights that work through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. Azure Stream Analytics monitor data such as pollution, congestion, and weather to help planners understand vehicle movement. A Windows 10 Universal App lets users see all the data.

In an instant, cities can determine which neighborhoods or routes have the highest pollution or traffic and send drivers in a different and better direction. Drivers have the possibility to avoid traffic jams, air quality improves and commuters are happier because they're getting to their destination more quickly and less frazzled.

Liebherr Group, a growing fridge manufacturer, is using Microsoft products to power its line of smart fridges, which are marketed for pharmaceutical clients. Windows IoT provides a platform background for regulators to manage data and for companies to ensure they are keeping storages at the correct temperatures.


Even the industrial process can benefit from a smart and connected world, with Microsoft aiding in the development of smart buildings. Connected buildings use Microsoft's Azure cloud technology and Internet of Things systems to help reduce costs, increase energy efficiency, and maintain security. Smart technology within a building can include heating and air conditioning systems, lighting, and elevators.

Microsoft says it is helping to make history in the manufacturing process, with factories in Mexico and Malaysia in conjunction with manufacturer Jabil. The company is creating connected and predictive factories based off Microsoft's technology, using machine learning to manage equipment failures ahead of time.

It's exciting. For the first time we have been able to predict, say a solder defect, or some type of component defect, on our printed circuit board assembly before it's occurred,” says Clint Belinsky, Jabil vice president for Global Quality.

Microsoft discusses some of the other uses for Windows and Azure in the manufacturing business in its official post and will be talking about its features at Hannover Messe this week.

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Luke Jones
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