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Microsoft: Get Lumia 950 for Free with Lumia 950 XL Purchase


has rolled out a two-for-one deal that will give consumers a completely free smartphone when they buy a .

The Windows Platform may not be thriving in the mobile market, but there is plenty to like about the Windows 10 Mobile software and some of the handsets Microsoft has churned out recently.

Chief among the solid hardware are the 950 and Lumia 950 XL flagships, both excellent smartphones in their own right.

Neither has gained much traction in the United States, Microsoft's homeland, but if you are already invested in the platform or want to check out the ecosystem then Redmond has an enticing deal.

Available to customers in the US and Canada, the black Lumia 950 (the smaller less decked out sibling of the 950 range) is now available for free.

Lumia 950

Ok, as the cliché goes, nothing in this world is free and there's always a catch. In this instance the caveat is that you or someone you know needs to first buy an unlocked Lumia 950 XL. That's the most expensive Windows 10 handset Microsoft makes, so there is some substantial outlay in this deal.

However, the Lumia 950 is the second most expensive device the company makes and with this offer you get it for absolutely nothing. Of course, the appeal for those who were going to buy the 950 XL anyway is obvious, get two flagship quality smartphone for the price of one.

A $600+ saving is nothing to be sniffed at, and even those simply looking to check out Windows 10 Mobile now have a reason to do so.

As another cliché states, nothing lasts forever, and that is the case here. Microsoft says this is a limited time offer that will begin today (April 25) and will close on May 1. The company also adds that the deal is for a limited run of handsets, so if the inventory runs out, you will miss out.

If you're interested, better get online or to your nearest Microsoft Store quickly.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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