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Microsoft Adds New Support to Microsoft Trust Center


The Trust Center has received a sizeable boost in usefulness today after the company announced support for a number of services.

Microsoft Commercial Support, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft Power BI services have all be given support through the Microsoft Trust Center.

That essentially means that those services and their certifications now appear on the Microsoft Trust Center website.

The website acts as a reference point for Microsoft's cloud trust resources, including information about the company's compliance with both international and regional certifications.

Visiting the Trust Center will let you see how Microsoft keeps you and your data private, and how the company adheres to laws to ensure privacy. As well as the new support, the Center already offers support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Azure, Microsoft Intune, and Office 365.

The company also revealed two new certification attestations, FACT in the United Kingdom and ENS in Spain. The new Microsoft compliance certifications and attestations include:

ENS. The Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (National Security Framework) in Spain provides ICT security guidance to public administrations and service providers. Microsoft was the first cloud service provider to receive the ENS certification—for Azure and Office 365.

FACT. The Federation Against Copyright Theft in the UK developed a certification scheme based on ISO 27001 that focuses on physical and digital security to protect against the theft of intellectual property. Azure was the first multitenant public cloud to achieve FACT certification.

MPAA. Azure was the first hyperscale cloud provider to comply with the Motion Picture Association of America guidance and control framework for the security of digital film assets.

CS Mark. The Cloud Security Mark is the first security standard for cloud service providers in Japan. Microsoft achieved a CS Gold Mark for all three service classifications: Azure for IaaS and PaaS, and Office 365 for SaaS.

Microsoft Trust Center was launched in 2015 and allows users to security features and functionality in our services as well as the policies that govern the location and transfer of the data you entrust to us.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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