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Microsoft Confirms 64-bit Version of Windows 10 Mobile


The company subtly revealed that a 64-bit build is in the works, allowing for more powerful devices in the future.

has confirmed the existence of a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile, which could be ready in time for the massive Anniversary Update.

That major upgrade is expected to arrive in the coming months, and with a 64-bit platform Microsoft and OEMs will be able to build more powerful Mobile smartphones, devices with better performance.

Interestingly, a 64-bit supporting Windows 10 Mobile would allow Redmond to build the Surface Phone, an oft rumored flagship that has reached almost mythical status.

The confirmation came in a cover story Microsoft did focusing on the work of Senior Technical Fellow Dave Cutler, with the piece stating:

In March 2005, he completed one of his “most gratifying pieces of work” at Microsoft when, partnering with AMD, he helped develop the AMD64 architecture and led the effort to ship the first two x64 64-bit Windows systems. At the time, some questioned why Microsoft developed a 64-bit system; today most computers are 64-bit systems and even our phones will soon have a 64-bit operating system.

At the moment Windows 10 Mobile is a 32-bit build, but a 64-bit version would mean devices get more than 4GB of RAM if OEMs wish, giving more power for performance and more powerful apps. It would help Microsoft compete against and iOS, but of which come with 64-bit, and give the platform a boost for businesses.

As for the Surface Phone, it still remains something of a nice idea with not much substance to back up that it even exists. Microsoft is not planning any new Lumia smartphones this year, especially not another flagship. We reported earlier in the year that the company is waiting for the second Anniversary Update to land in 2017 before launching new hardware.

Could that mean we will not see this 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile in this summer's Anniversary Update? Only time will tell.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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