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Microsoft Patent could Solve Wi-Fi Tethering Battery Issues on Windows Devices


A patent filed by hints at software that can save battery when a user does not need tethering, making the process more efficient.

Wi-Fi tethering is a solution, but it is hardly an elegant or power efficient way to get an internet connection from a Windows mobile device to a laptop or tablet.

A Microsoft patent aims to make the system a bit smoother by potentially allowing users to connect for longer without completely tanking their smartphone battery.

British based news outlet Express found a Microsoft patent called “Power Saving Wi-Fi Tethering,” which can best be thought of as a smart-Wi-Fi tethering solution.

The patent filing describes software that is “intelligent” and can predict usage patterns through analysis to determine when you need to be connected to the internet through a tethered device.


If the user does not need a connection (according to the software), the feature will send a message to the handset telling it not to put as much power down. This allows the device to take a break and thus saves battery when tethered, while the patent suggests that the software will re-wake the device and the connection when you need it.

This seems very much like a proof of concept patent to us and something that may just be Microsoft covering its basis. This means we would not be surprised if we never see this feature on an actual Windows phone, although we would love to see how Microsoft pulls off a software that knows when you need to be connected without it being told.

Last Updated on April 14, 2016 11:22 am CEST

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