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Microsoft’s Office 365 Admin Center April Update Adds More Control


The latest update for the admin center app is all about giving administrators more control over managing their Office 365 output through an organization.

has announced the April update for the Office 365 admin center, with the company saying it is continuing to improve the stability, and making the service faster and more efficient.

In the April update, Microsoft has added improved search, new usage reports and additional user list management functionality.

The new features were announced in an official blog post, which Microsoft used to highlight how user feedback is helping it improve Office 365 admin center.

As well as updating the desktop version of the app, Redmond continues to bolster the feature-set of the mobile admin center application, adding numerous new features in April.

Expanded search gives users more control when looking for content in the Windows 10 Office 365 admin center app. It is now possible to filter searches more accurately, including the ability to search in pages, tasks, and settings.


The April Update also comes with a way to monitor Directory Synchronization Status, which is accessible through a new tile that has been added to the dashboard. For the tile users can quickly see the status of their Directory Synchronization (DirSync) and also lets you see such information as issue reports and the time of the last sync.

Microsoft's new usage reporting tool give admins a portal to see how Office 365 is being used across a company or organizations. The portal gives details on usage data, such as how often Office 365 is accessed, and can even offer a usage insight at an individual level. Microsoft says it has started rolling out reporting for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype.

An update to user lists gives administrators an easy way to see which users have which licenses assigned to them.
Microsoft has given the mobile Office 365 Admin Center app even more of an upgrade, adding numerous new features to the service.

Office 365 Admin Center Mobile Changes

Chief among them is the ability to manage email permissions through the mobile app, letting admins control email accounts. Other features rolled out in the April update for the mobile application include:

Manage groups, conference rooms, equipment and shared mailboxesYou can now create and edit security groups, distribution lists, conference rooms, equipment and shared mailboxes directly in the admin mobile app.

Stay informed through push notificationsKeeping up with changes just got easier. The admin app now supports push notifications for message center updates. Make sure to enable these in the app settings.

Manage license countNo need for your employees to wait until you're back at your desk. You can now increase the number of licenses directly from the admin mobile app and also view your bills.

Manage Office 365 from your desktopThe beta version of the Office 365 admin app for Windows 10 is now available, enabling you to administer Office 365 directly from your desktop. You only have to sign in once, as the app keeps you logged in. The app supports notification integration with Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Partner scenarios, allowing you to easily switch organizations if you manage Office 365 for multiple tenants.

SOURCE: Microsoft

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