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Microsoft Details Windows Insider Program Influence on Windows 10 Mail and Calendar Apps


Mail and Calendar team welcomes feedback as source of app improvements, showing the true influence of the Windows Insider Program.

Since the launch of Windows 10 last year, has been consistently updating its apps in a bid to create a more user friendly environment.

The company has regularly added new features to its Windows 10 Mail and Calendar applications, and in an official blog post Microsoft talks about the changes it has made to those services.

Feedback is key the company says, citing the Windows Insider Program as a way for Microsoft to connect with its users and develop its apps to cater to their needs.

As well as listening to Insiders, the company says its looks at app feedback ratings and even community forums to discover ways in which the Mail and Calendar (and indeed other services) can be improved.

Microsoft says keeping an ear to the ground helps to build services that consumers wants, citing the general approval towards the design of its Windows 10 applications. While the blog post was issued to talk about the various changes made to the Mail and Calendar apps since their launch last July, the true story is the Insider Program.

Since its release in 2014, the Insider Program has become a valuable tool for Microsoft, a testing ground where it can test new features and services away from the full glare of end users. Allowing Insiders to give feedback provides the company with a way in which to tweak its apps and services before fully publishing them.

This can include removing some features that are not welcomed by Insiders, and pushing others that are. In terms of Mail and Calendar, feedback allowed Microsoft to add such features as customization options, linked inboxes, multiple account support, live tile integration, Cortana support, and more.

Our team's goals are to create apps that you find personal and familiar, that are fast and easy to use, and unleash the full power of the Windows 10 platform for you. We'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the greatest updates so far, encourage you to try them if you haven't already and share your feedback.

SOURCE: Microsoft

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