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The long rumored subscription based Outlook Premium is close to being announced by Microsoft, giving users a more potent version of

Microsoft’s email service is a pretty solid option for enterprise, but the company is looking to add even more business features with a new paid version of the client.

Outlook Premium was leaked earlier in the year, but only now is Microsoft thinking of launching the service, which will charge users a fee to access added features that are not on the normal


Reputed Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrot has said that the company is considering Outlook Premium as an independent service that can be subscribed to separate from Office 365.

Earlier reports that Outlook Premium will cost $3.99 per month seem to be true, while Microsoft will entice users by offering the first year of service for free.

Of course, chances are after that year you will be pretty entrenched into the service and will not want to change to another, so will willingly pay the subscription. Microsoft is differentiating the service apart from the standard email client with some new features that will appeal to enterprise.

The $3.99 per month subscription fee will get you the following:

Five personalized email addresses
Sharing calendars, contacts and files will be possible across personalized domains
Ad-free access to
Access to the new

Those who already subscribe to Office 365 will get Outlook Premium for free, complete with all the features above.

SOURCE: Thurrott