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Microsoft’S Full List of New Edge Browser Features from Edge Summit


While the Edge Summit 2016 is a lower key event compared to last week, but the Edge browser focused event still managed to see launch numerous new services.

They were all oriented towards improving the company's still young web browser and Microsoft didn't hold back in trying to close the gap with modern rivals such as (Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox).

Edge Summit 2016 saw Microsoft get busy on almost every aspect of the Edge browser, while also adding that it is now on some 150 million devices and is very secure.

Of course, Edge still has a long way to go until it delivers the complete feature set that users probably want, but the 2016 event pushed the browser in the right direction.

We have already discussed many of the new features and announcements from the event, but the list of goodies is pretty exhaustive, so here are all the new additions to the Edge browser, as announced by Microsoft today:

– Move around pinned sites and customize the pins.
– Select Edge news feed based on what you enjoy
– Gesture support to swipe between websites
– Open pinned site apps from new tab page
– Customize widgets

– Easier access to content from other browsers
– Select icons in favorites bar
– Tree view and drag and drop bookmarks
– Ability to pin tabs

– Cortana can now provide information on selected text with a right click
– Cortana will power enhanced content through service powered widgets
– Coupons and promotions will be automatically pulled up by Cortana
– Right click image for Cortana information and matching .

– Edge overflow area now shows Extensions
– Mouse gesture extension to close tabs.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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