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Microsoft CEO: “What is Unique about our Phones is this Continuum Feature”


was impressive last week, but conspicuous by its absence was , with offering virtually nothing on its mobile platform.

It was a strange twist to the conference, especially as CEO opened the event by reiterating Microsoft's position as a cloud first, mobile first company.

It is arguable that many of the changes being made to (Anniversary Update) are inclusive of the mobile platform, but still the lack of Windows 10 Mobile talk was worrying.

Microsoft's strategy for the struggling mobile platform is unclear, but we have long been championing Continuum as the standout Windows 10 Mobile feature that the company should be building up. It seems that Nadella agrees.

Indeed, there is no question that Continuum is the one thing Microsoft's mobile platform boasts that rivals (and market leaders) Android and iOS do not have. As such the company should be selling the feature that turns any Windows 10 Mobile device into a fully-fledged mini PC.


In a wide ranging interview with Business Insider, Sadella confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is part of the unified Windows ecosystem, while he also expressed the uniqueness of Continuum and how it is an ace card for the company's strategy:

First of all, I don't think of Windows for mobile differently than Windows for HoloLens, or Windows for Xbox now. We have only one Windows. We don't have multiple Windows. They run across multiple form factors, but it's one developer platform, one store, one toolchain for developers. And you adapt it for different screen sizes and different input and output.

But what we get….I'm not trying to be another phone guy with the other person's rules. What is unique about our is this Continuum feature. If anything we will want to continue to build that capability out. Just like how with Surface we were able to create a category. Three years ago most people would have said: “what is a two-in-one”? And now even Apple has a two-in-one. And so three years from now, I hope that people will look and say, “Oh wow, that's right, this is a phone that can also be a PC.

Take emerging markets. India for sure is a mobile-first country. But I don't think it will be a mobile-only country for all time. An emerging market will have more computing in their lives, not less computing, as there is more GDP and there is more need. As they grow they will also want computers that grow from their phone. What's the most logical thing? I would claim it's a Continuum phone, which means that it can have other forms of input beyond touch.

Nadella is clearly confident that Continuum can expand and break out into being a key component of the Windows ecosystem as whole, and not just Windows 10 Mobile.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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