Build 2016: Azure Functions Preview and IoT Starter Kits Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft Build  Keynote

On day 2 of the conference, launched , a pay per execution platform. The company also revealed Internet of Things Starter Kits.

At today, Microsoft announced a new service called Azure Functions Preview, which will allow developer to build IoT solutions through a serverless compute platform.

Because it is hosted on cloud through Azure, you will only pay per execution, while there is also an open source runtime that can run anywhere.

Microsoft opted for an extravagant demo to show off the power of Azure Functions, letting the service monitor for fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote 6.15.34 PM

With an Azure Function for an efunction when an alert went off, sending a lit message to a t-shirt, saying “Azure IoT”.

Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote 6.21.56 PM

As well as discussing Azure Functions, Microsoft also said that it will be launching Azure IoT Starter Kits, similar to the Internet of Things starter kits for 2 that the company announced last year. The starter kits mean developers can write code quicker.

Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote 6.18.57 PM

The Azure IoT Starter Kits have been made available already, while Microsoft says the also announced Gateway SDK Preview + Hub Device Management Preview will also arrive today.