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Microsoft Has Decided to Shutter Lumia Voices


The Lumia Voices community will be shut down early next month Microsoft confirmed, allowing the company to focus on Windows Insider and further streamline the Lumia division.

Microsoft is continuing to streamline the Lumia brand that it bought from Nokia and has decided to kill off Lumia Voices, which was formerly known as Lumia Connects.

Of course, since buying Nokia’s devices and services division two years ago, Microsoft has made a lot of changes and Lumia is very much a different entity to what it was under Nokia’s stewardship.

Redmond has already nixed several Lumia related services in that two year period, and the latest if Lumia Voices.

The service allows users to interact with the company and even try the latest products, but from April 12, 2016 it will cease to exist. Microsoft confirmed the closure in an email that was sent out to contributors of Lumia Voices:

We are writing to tell you that the Lumia Voices programme will close on April 12th 2016. After a truly amazing few years, it’s now time for our wonderful community to embrace the benefits of being part of the wider Microsoft family.

Most importantly, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work throughout the years. You’ve been an inspiration and your contribution to the programme enabled Lumia Voices to thrive and impact people’s lives in a very positive way. You truly are the backbone of this community and we really appreciate your dedication and loyalty during the time we’ve worked together.

It may seem like an odd decision from Microsoft as the company seemed to be putting some weight behind the platform just last year. That is when Redmond rebranded Lumia Connections (as it was known under Nokia) to Lumia Voices, and really talked up the service.

Fast forward a year and it seems the service did not gain the traction Microsoft hoped it would and the company is now more focused on other things. Considering the Windows Insider program is thriving and is similar in nature to Lumia Voices, it seems obvious that Microsoft would not waste any more time or resources on the smaller service.

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