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Microsoft Delves Deep for Surface Book Design Story


has felt the need to discuss the story behind the design process of the laptop hybrid, which was launched by the company running at the end of last year.

The company has already described the Surface Book as the “ultimate laptop” and while it is a beast in terms of specs and hardware, the thing that makes the product standout is its design.

It is a view that the team behind the device clearly agree with as they waxed lyrical about the design process with a rather lengthy blog post – come story.

Part of the winning Surface Book design is the fact that its screen is detachable and can become a tablet, albeit a mega-powerful slate and the only one with i7 silicon. In that respect the device is a hybrid as much as it is a bona fide laptop.

Of course, no discussion about the design of the Surface Book would be complete without discussing the hinge, which Microsoft says is similar to carpet rolling out.

Surface Book design

Try to recall one of those first magical moments when you made something work: you built a baking soda volcano for the science fair, you rode your two-wheel bike down the driveway, you tinkered with the guts of a clock. Now imagine that the world was watching, waiting with bated breath for the result. Imagine you were backed by an incredible, diversified team. Imagine that your achievement – the solution you found – was a eureka moment born of true tenacity and toil.

We'll leave the full story for you to read, which can be seen here and at the source. Be warned though, there are superlatives thrown around like confetti and your love of the Surface Book will be put to the test by the sheer fawning over it.

Microsoft has been making sure the device is almost peerless in the Window space with regular updates, including a recent one that solved an issue where the Surface Book would remain hot and drain battery even in sleep mode.

SOURCE: Microsoft Blog

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