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Microsoft Launches HoloLens Video for Developers


Days before the first HoloLens devices will get shipped to interested developers, ´s and Kudo Tsunoda welcome the HoloLens community in a new introductory video.

The clip was published on the official HoloLens Twitter page today and serves as a brief introductory segment on Microsoft's upcoming product.

The pair walk developers through what will come with the HoloLens when its ships, including a carry case, charger, clicker, and of course the augmented headset itself.

In that sense the video is a glorified unboxing (minus the box), but Kipman and Tsunoda also discuss other aspects of the device, such as its video game experience and how Skype will work in the augmented reality space.

During the snippet, we also get to see the app store in pretty good detail and see a quick sampling of some of the applications. As we have seen with other HoloLens demonstrations, it is all pretty impressive and doubly so as video is not live so has been treated to some post-production tweaking.

Ask someone who knows nothing about HoloLens and they will think it is a device to create holograms with, after-all it is right there in the name. Of course, the product doesn't actually do that, but instead creates the illusion of holograms in an environments, which is what augmented reality is. Microsoft is doing little to make sure people get this difference by closing the video with the wholly confusing “transform the world with holograms”.

Minor gripes aside, the video is a decent enough basic introduction into the headset and a gateway to getting more detail on the device. Having Alex Kipman presenting the clip is definitely a bonus considering HoloLens is very much his baby and he has been spearheading the project from day one and delivering the most concise demonstrations.

SOURCE: HoloLens (Twitter)

Luke Jones
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