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[UPDATE] Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile Gets Update


The Beta app for Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile has been updated. The application was created through Microsoft’s Project IslandWood, which allows the easy porting of iOS apps to Windows Mobile.

Social network giant and Facebook owned, Instagram has millions of users and is an app that can be best described as a big deal.

It is also being touted as a pointer to the potential of Microsoft’s iOS bridging software that lets developers port their apps from Apple’s platforms to Windows 10 without changing the underlying code.

Instagram is currently in beta form in its Windows 10 Mobile app guise, but it is getting plenty of updates, with the latest making some small changes to the app.

The app provides a rare thing on Windows these days, a major company getting behind the platform instead of pulling out and leaving.

Project IslandWood, the iOS based bridge that developers use to package their apps for Windows was used for Instagram, allowing the easy port of the iOS app to Microsoft’s platform. If Instagram can do it, more developers may be tempted to put their apps on Windows 10 Mobile.

The idea of IslandWood is to make it so easy for developers to port their apps that there should be no reason why they won’t. Microsoft said earlier this year that the iOS bridge would be its only porting software, with the similar Android project Astoria being shut down in favor of all developer traffic coming from iOS.

Back to Instagram. The update for the Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile hardly brings anything major to the table, but it does add the ability to login with Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Also in the mix is a (always welcome) transparent live tile for the Windows 10 Mobile home page.

The update is currently available, so if you are interested head over to the source and take a look around.

UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that Microsoft’s Project IslandWood is not used for the Instagram Windows 10 app port, which was actually carried out using Facebook’s Osmeta technology. Thanks to Aurobindo Dharsaun for giving us the heads up!

SOURCE: Microsoft Store

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