Windows App Studio

Windows App Studio Installer can be used on both PC and mobile running on Windows 10. The app will configures your device and can deploy installable packages built in Windows App Studio.

Windows App Studio is a web application designed to allow users build Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 universal apps without writing any code.

Installable packages created in the Windows App Studio can be uploaded to the Store. Users can also edit them in Visual Studio.

Last month, Microsoft released an update to the Windows App Studio, adding new features, fixing some bugs, and improving the user experience and documentation.

Windows App Studio

The Windows App Studio Installer will replace the current complicated method of installing the Windows App Studio packages. In this method, users would have to run a Powershell script to install a certificate, and then another script is required to install the app. For Windows phone, users would have to scan two QR codes to install the certificate and the app.

Source: Neowin