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Windows 10 Facebook App Adds Reaction Emojis


The official app for has added support for the five new reaction emojis launched for iOS, and the web last month.

The Windows 10 Facebook app is still in private beta testing and we still don´t have a clue when the app will be released to the general public.

Facebook users were once limited to merely “liking” someone's status, photo, life event or other post.

With new reaction emojis for “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry” Facebooks allows users to express a wide range of emotions and bypassing the awkwardness of “liking” a sad or upsetting status.


Facebook's new reaction emojis.

 What reactions mean to marketing

The addition of reactions has changed the Facebook landscape for marketers and businesses.

Users can now express a range of emotions regarding a product or service, giving marketers a better grasp on the public's reaction to their offerings. Facebook's algorithm doesn't differentiate between a reaction and a like, so people who may have been averse to liking a brand may be more inclined to provide feedback. Facebook uses likes — and, now, reactions —  to determine whether to display content to wider audiences.

As Facebook changes its algorithm, the importance of the new reaction emojis (as well as the tried-and-true “like”) could change in regards to how Facebook promotes products and services.

Reaction Packs let users have a little fun

It rarely takes long for enterprising folks to take advantage of changes to , and the reaction emojis are no different. A developer with a sense of humor has created Reaction Packs, an extension for Firefox or Chrome that replaces the emojis with Pokemon or images of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Users can also upload their own customized pack of reaction emojis. All you have to do is download the Firefox or Chrome extension and select your reaction pack or upload your own.

SOURCE: Reddit

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