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Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone Second Phase Arriving Spring 2017


has already confirmed that , the next major update for Windows 10, will be launched in two waves, with the first arriving in June. A report from Winbeta now suggests the second phase (RS2) will be launched in Spring of 2017 after Microsoft pushed back its original late 2016 launch cycle.

The Redstone Update for Windows 10 is already deep into development ahead of its June launch, and we already know some details of what to expect from RS1, but Microsoft has largely done a good job at keeping new features under wraps.

That is especially the case for the second Redstone phase (RS2) that will be launching early next year. The reports suggests that the second update will continue where RS1 left off, building on new features while introducing ones that were not ready for the first roll out.

With two separate phases of the same build, and no hard feature confirmation from Microsoft, there is a lot to work through when finding out what is due to arrive with Windows 10 Redstone through RS1 and RS2.

What to Expect from RS1

All the pointers from the first wave Windows 10 Redstone update suggests that it will see Microsoft doubling down on its efforts for a unified ecosystem that moves seamlessly between PC, mobile, and Xbox.

The oft talked about Universal App Platform will be key in the RS1 update as it will bring more Project Centennial and Islandwood apps to the Windows Store, while also bringing the Store to Xbox for the first time. Speaking of Xbox, Microsoft discussed the first titles that will be playable and purchasable for both Windows PC and Xbox this week, so expect to hear more about that with Redstone.

Microsoft's aim is to make the Windows Store the go to place for all content across all of its major products and form factors.

Continuum is an ace up Microsoft's sleeve in the mobile space and beyond, so Redstone will see the company finally give this stellar feature a major push. Users will now be able to take calls and send SMS via their desktop PC with use of a Continuum connected Windows 10 mobile device.

What to Expect from RS2

RS2 will be the second phase of the Windows 10 Redstone rollout that will begin reaching PCs and devices during the spring of 2017. This build is harder to judge as Microsoft is not teasing anything, which is understandable considering we are still a year off from its launch.

It is likely that the company will use the update to expand upon some of the features sent out in the RS1 update, while some of reported new offerings coming to the first phase update could be held back for RS2. We will only know when RS1 lands in June, but regardless it is likely that Microsoft will also cook up some new features for the RS2 upgrade next year.

For example, rumored UI upgrades could be left until the RS2 update, including the removal of the Control Panel in favor of a universal Settings features, which is not likely to be completed in time for the first phase of Redstone.


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