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Microsoft Releases HoloLens Dev Course with 16 Videos, Teases Emulator and Dev Toolset


continues to push out a lot of HoloLens resources, preparing the developer community for the coming lauch of the HoloLens Developer Kit on March 30th. You can already watch 16 HoloLens development specific videos with tutorials and technical introductions.

The Windows Holographic Dev Center is Microsoft´s central spot for all HoloLens developers where they find documentations, demo material, downloads and a forum to exchange ideas.

Sorted by topics, the company has already put online a quite substantial list of resources like a collection of video tutorials and help pages for the coming HoloLens Emulator, HoloLens tools, an overview of HoloLens 3D development using the cross-platform game engine Unity and first entries for the Windows Holographic Platform API Reference.

Microsoft Windows Holographic Dev Center HoloLens web screenshot

According to Microsoft, the coming HoloLens emulator will allow “you to test holographic apps on your PC without a physical HoloLens and comes with the HoloLens development toolset.”

“Any developer can learn to be an expert with the platform, with or without a headset, opening up the platform to hobbyists, garage-based startups, and anyone at all who just happens to be curious about making apps with holograms. The emulator is expected to be available around the same time that devices ship in late March. You will be able to download the HoloLens tools online as soon as they become available.”

From what we know so far, the HoloLens emulator will support keyboard, mouse or Xbox controller as input options and provide an experience similar to common 3D video games. As Microsoft writes on the HoloLens emulator help page, you will be able to move a “simulated user around and apps running in the emulator respond like they would on a real device.”

Microsoft HoloLens emulator official 1

The first version of the HoloLens emulator will support the following gestures:

  • Walk forward, back, left, and right – Use the W,A,S, and D keys on your keyboard, or the left stick on an Xbox controller.
  • Look up, down, left, and right – Click and drag the mouse, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the right stick on an Xbox controller.
  • Air tap gesture – Right-click the mouse, press the Enter key on your keyboard, or use the A button on an Xbox controller.
  • Bloom gesture – Press the Windows key or F2 key on your keyboard, or press the B button on an Xbox controller.
  • Hand movement for scrolling – Hold the Alt key, hold the right mouse button, and drag the mouse up / down, or in an Xbox controller hold the right trigger and A button down and move the right stick up and down.

Microsoft HoloLens emulator official 2

Here you have the first 12 HoloLens video tutorials, Microsoft has published on :


SOURCE: Microsoft

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