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Microsoft Edge Browser Doubles User Base in One Month


The Internet Explorer replacement that ships with devices and machines running the platform is gaining ground on more established .

's Edge 13 web browser was launched alongside Windows 10 as a replacement for the two decade old Internet Explorer, which is still among the most used web browsers in the world incidentally.

Redmond is eager to have Edge the go to browser of choice for those running Windows 10, and has been pushing Edge through advertising and demonstrations.

Availability of the new browser is limited to the Windows 10 software at the moment, with those running earlier Win builds unable to download Edge at the moment.

That is likely to change in the coming months, but in the meantime Microsoft can be happy that its new web browser is off to a good start.

Data provided by Net Applications shows that during February Edge was used on 3.02% of all desktop computers throughout the world, which was an increase of nearly double compared to the 1.51% market share held in January.

Improved Market Share

That rise is just for 13, with Edge 12 contributing a further 0.91% to bring the total market share to 3.93% of the whole browser market. Again, it is worth remembering that the software is only available on the Windows 10 platform, so Microsoft will undoubtedly be pleased that its new browser is gaining traction in the market.

The company is adding more features to Edge to make it more in line with rivals Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer, which still accounts for over 28% of the market. Indeed, Redmond is hoping Edge will overlap IE at some point, likely when the new browser is made available on older Windows builds such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

SOURCE: Net MarketShare

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