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Microsoft Bolsters Enterprise Security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection


The company has unveiled a new security service called Advanced Threat Protection, which will roll out to enterprise customers running .

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is designed to act as an early barrier against , detecting and dealing with incoming threats on enterprise networks.

describes the service as a new “post-breach layer of protection” that works alongside the other security features already found on the Windows 10 platform.

Businesses will now have a Microsoft built security protection that the company says is more suited to enterprise partners in terms of first line of defense protection.

Some customers are already testing the service, while Microsoft is conducting its own in-house tests, before the software code will roll out in a future Windows 10 update.

Microsoft says with cyberattacks becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, enterprises can ill afford to be over-exposed. Companies typically need numerous levels of security to properly protect themselves, and the new service is designed to not only stop threats but to also investigate them and find out why an attack happened.

To help protect our enterprise customers, we are developing Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a new service that will help enterprises to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks. Building on the existing security defenses Windows 10 offers today, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection provides a new post-breach layer of protection to the Windows 10 security stack.

A “time travel” ability will let Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to go back through a six month history of a machine so customers can see previous threats. Microsoft is aiming the service as a standard Windows 10 software, meaning now deployment is necessary beyond simply updating the Windows 10 platform.

The company says it works with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analysis through a backend cloud service, so no on site maintenance will be needed from enterprises. No launch date or price has been announced for the new security feature.

SOURCE: Windows Blog

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