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Microsoft CEO Lets Slip about “Soon” to Launch Universal Windows Apps for Xbox One


confirms that Universal are coming “soon” to company's gaming platform, according to a report from Insider.

The company's head was speaking at Madrid's dotNet Spain Conference, when he responded to a question about Universal Windows apps.

In front of thousands of developers, Nadella discussed the future availability of UWA's on the Xbox One, which would provide an excellent addition to the console's overall functionality and capabilities.

During the discussion, the CEO did not say the exact nature of apps on the Xbox One, but it is likely the device will get the Windows Store, but it could get it in a limited fashion, with specific applications that are compatible.

The Xbox One is definitely capable of running Universal Windows Apps, it was updated with the ability during the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) upgrade last year. An early sign of Microsoft's plan to further enhance the One's do-everything appeal was a glimpse of Cortana running on the console, an indication that UWAs are likely to come to Xbox.


Microsoft always intended the Xbox One to be a living room TV box as much as a gaming machine, which is why some gamers have felt alienated by the device. However, there is little doubting that Redmond has lived up to its promise and the One feels more like a content machine and multi-functional product through each update.

The division's chief, Phil Spencer, has previously confirmed that it is working on bringing mouse support to the Xbox One, and with Universal Windows Apps arriving, the device will feel more like a substitute PC. That will especially be the case if among those applications are Microsoft's Office suite, and other third party apps from the Windows associated with computing.

While the PlayStation 4 has enjoyed most of the sales glory this generation, it is hard to argue that it is more functional than Microsoft's rival. The Xbox One is already a pretty robust all-round entertainment devices, and it may be slowly morphing into a computing one too. Just don't forget about the games folks.

SOURCE: Microsoft Insider (Spanish)

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