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Lumia X Benchmarked? Microsoft Superphone Stops By For Visit


A benchmarking website has fuelled reports of a superphone that will be launched as the new flagship in 2016.

Rumors of the next Microsoft flagship have been circulating for a while, the almost mythic Lumia X that will give Microsoft hope of becoming a competitor to and iOS.

Those who have been close to the Windows platform over the last few years will know that there have been plenty of false dawns, but it does seem as though the Mobile platform is mature and ready for true high end .

The Lumia 950 XL is a good start, but Microsoft needs more, and if a recent GFXBench result is to be believed, the Lumia X could really deliver the experience we all want from Windows 10 on a mobile device.

The benchmarking website played host to an unknown Microsoft Lumia smartphone, but judging the specs involved, this must be the Lumia X.


And what an array of the latest and greatest smartphone hardware it is. Standout specifications include Qualcomm's new, blazing fast, quad core Snapdragon 820, and a 5.5-inch (2560 x 1440) Quad HD resolution screen. Other interesting tidbits include 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (which we presume is expandable), and a 7MP camera around front and back.

Ok, those camera ratings are undoubtedly wrong, so it is likely that the device Microsoft passed through GFXBench is not finished, which makes plenty of sense considering Lumia X would not launch until later this year. Regardless of this inaccuracy, GFXBench has been a solid source for seeing specs of upcoming smartphones, so this seems like a legitimate posting.

Quite a lot is riding on the next Microsoft Lumia flagship, especially as Windows 10 Mobile is hardly pulling up any tress in terms of hardware sales. Companies are slowly starting to build quality products though, as HP proved at MWC 2016 this week with the quite brilliant Elite X3 flagship. If Microsoft can emulate and even surpass HP, then Windows 10 will have a truly great high end line up.

Lumia X could be the fabled SurfacePhone, but it is unlikely Microsoft will break away from the now familiar Lumia branding. Although, the company has recently bought up domains relating to the SurfacePhone name, but perhaps Redmond was merely covering its bases.


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Luke Jones
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