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Cyanogen MOD Platform Puts Microsoft Apps on Android


The forked OS provider has rolled out a fully customizable platform called Cyanogen MOD, that it says allows for app development deeper into the OS.

While Cyanogen is very much an Android oriented company (the CyanogenMod is based on 's OS), the company has been cozy with of late.

The two companies have collaborated in the past to bring some of Redmond's services and applications to devices running the CyanogenMod OS.

The launch of MOD takes the relationship to the next level as Cyanogen is citing Microsoft as one of the main launch partners for the new platform.

Cyanogen MOD is a pumped up version of the Android operating system, opening the platform even more than it already is. Device manufacturers, developers, and even end users will be able to access areas of the operating system that they could not before, with one of the benefits being the deeper embedding of applications.

Microsoft and Cyanogen MOD

The company is talking up a post app era by saying Cyanogen MOD allows partner companies to launch more expansive apps and experiences. While Cyanogen has numerous partners, Microsoft is probably the biggest and judging by the launch, the most important too.

Microsoft is a launch partner for MOD, and is in a good position to use the system as Redmond already has numerous apps and services on device rocking the CyanogenMod platform.

Two new apps launching on MOD include Cortana compatibility that gives the virtual assistant such features as taking selfies and other hands free functionality. VoLP on Skype is now available directly from the phone dialer, while users can take advantage of OneNote features while in a conference call.

It is good to remember that all these apps and features are on the Android platform at its root, so slowly Microsoft's services are creeping further onto the rival OS, albeit via the forked Cyanogen MOD.
The system will roll out next month alongside Cyanogen OS 13.0.

SOURCE: The Verge

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