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Microsoft Says Skype Manager Feature To Be Phased Out By End of March


sends out notifications to users with Managed Accounts, informing them of the impending termination of the feature.

The Skype Manager feature allows a single administrator to manage multiple accounts, assign Skype numbers, and allocate credits.

The impending change on the feature will cause all Skype Managed accounts to transition into personal accounts. Skype Manager administrators will no longer be able to reset passwords for the previously managed accounts, nor delete the accounts themselves.

Skype Managers are advised to take back assigned Skype credits and allocated numbers that they wish to revoke before March 29. After that, the feature will no longer be supported, but they will still have the capability to assign Skype credits even after the said date.

Microsoft says the transition of Skype Managed accounts to personal accounts will be seamless, but recommends that users have a valid email address linked to their accounts.

Skype Managed accounts that have transitioned into personal accounts may reset their passwords if they have a verified email linked to their individual accounts.

Analysts speculate that these changes are being implemented by Microsoft in hopes of pushing organizations that are using Skype Managed accounts to start using Skype for Business instead. Skype, on the other hand, claims that the move was done to give users more flexibility.

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Skype for Business — What It's About

Skype for Business was first launched as part of 365 in 2015, and it works almost identically as Skype Managed Accounts, but with added features.

The platform allows administrators to create accounts for users, perform administrative tasks on these accounts (i.e. resetting passwords), and manage the users' profile information.

Skype for Business supports federation, a type of external that allows users to connect with other Skype Business users within their organizations, as well as others outside their organizations.

The platform comes with a federated contacts feature, which enables users to see others' presence on the platform, and communicate with them through IM, and audio/video calls.

Source: Skype Support via ZDNet

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