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Microsoft “accidentally” caps OneDrive storage quota for some users


seems to have mistakenly reduced the data storage quota for some displeased users to 1TB, while the data storage should have stayed unlimited for one more year.

Customers were affected by this change immediately, as some of their files were available as read-only files.

The company announced back in 2015 that OneDrive storage limit will be set for 1TB for Office 365 users, with a grace period of one year before the changes come to effect.

ZDNet reports several complaints from Office 365 users regarding their newly reduced storage space, although Microsoft had given them a year's grace period to relocate their excessive data. After some rumble, Microsoft responded to the complaints, as a spokesperson deemed it as a “mistake”, which would soon be taken care of.

“Some OneDrive customers may have been prematurely migrated to a 1TB storage plan. Data stored with OneDrive remains secure during this process, and we're working hard to revert those users back to their original plan as soon as possible. All Office 365 users with over 1TB of storage will be able to keep that storage limit for at least one year as previously announced.” Please stay tuned to the OneDrive blog for future storage plan updates.”

There was no further statement on why the limit was placed, or what caused the data storage capping. Microsoft spokesperson did not comment on until when the Office 365 users could get back to their previously unlimited data storage plan.

Source: ZDNet

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