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Microsoft releases Office 2016 Insider Preview build 16.0.6568.2016 with new features


The Office Insider 2016 build is a follow up of the January update, and comes with a black color theme, new charts and easier data entry methods for Excel, ink annotations and more.

Staying true to its promise of providing regular and improved features to Insiders, has released Insider builds for Office 2016, Office on Android, and extended the program to Mac OS X users as well.

As we reported earlier, Microsoft had released the desktop update in January, and the company is now following up on that release.

The latest Office Insider build 16.0.6568.2016 comes with the following new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook:

The Office Insider program was introduced back in November last year, giving its members unprecedented access to all of the new Office features prior to their public release. Home, Personal or University subscribers can enroll into the Insiders program and install the latest preview builds by signing up here.

Feature Applications Notes
Ink annotations Word
Use your finger or pen to write and draw, and use the tools on the new Draw tab to highlight content of particular interest.

Learn more about drawing and annotating with ink.

New charts Excel Funnel charts can be used to help you display values as progressively decreasing proportions.

Learn more about creating a funnel chart.

New functions Excel Avoid nested IF functions with the new IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, andSWITCH functions.
Data entry made easier Excel Speed up formula entry with the CONCAT and TEXTJOIN functions.
More ‘send as' options Excel Send a document either as an attachment or as a PDF without leaving the confines of your worksheet from the Share pane.

Learn more about sharing your workbook with others.

Improved formula autocomplete Excel Only remember a part of a formula name (for example, you know if contains a “rand” or a “value” somewhere)? No problem! Excel now returns all partial matches for everything you type—not just exact matches from the beginning of the string.
Real-time presence PowerPoint When collaborating with others on a presentation, see not only who is working on the presentation but also what slide each person is working on.

Learn more about collaborating on PowerPoint presentations with real time co-authoring.

Finding contacts made easier Outlook Ever looked for a contact and realize that couple of them have the same name? You will now be able to pick the right one as Outlook will show you not only the names but also the picture of your contacts.

Learn more about finding people and contacts.

Source: Microsoft

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