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Microsoft introduces Cortana Analytics Suite with ImagineCup “Hello Cloud” contest


As a part of a Analytics Suite challenge, students will have to build a “churn analytics” game app to showcase their data science and app development skills.

Students aspiring to participate in ´s Hello Cloud contest are required to build a churn analytics app with Azure Machine Learning data science models.

Like Microsoft explains in an official blog post churning refers to customers that stop using a particular service by exiting the active user interface. The concept of churning can be applied to gaming or certain business scenarios.

In the ImagineCup “Hello Cloud” contest, participants will have to build machine learning techniques which help identify gamers who could potentially churn, so the game can be optimized for a lower churning rate.

The necessary machine learning techniques should analyze the player's gaming history and data from similar players to offer them a bonus or incentive when they are about to churn, so they would keep playing.

For students who are aspiring to be a part of the Cortana Analytics Suite challenge, the deadline to submit their entries is 23:59 GMT on 27th April 2016.


Prizes for the winners

“Two winners will get invited for a 4-day trip to Redmond, where – among other things – they will get to:

  • Participate in the ImagineCup world finals, where top student startups will compete for the coveted 2016 title.
  • Meet with the Corporate Vice President of the Data Group, Joseph Sirosh, and other senior leadership.
  • Get an up-close look at the Cortana Analytics development process.
  • Check out intelligent apps, prototypes and demos yet to be seen by the broad public.

Microsoft will cover travel expenses for the winners, including flights, meals and accommodation.”

Source: Microsoft

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