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Update for Windows 10 Mail app adds more accessibility features


The most recent Mail update comes with predictable keyboard behavior, better navigation, informative elements inside the app and an efficient reading experience.

Since Windows 10 OS was released back in July 2014, has been improving the in-built Windows 10 Mail app with several updates.

The company now has again updated the Windows 10 Mail app, enhancing different parts of the UI and by improving the built in screen reader support.

Windows 10 Mail Program Manager, Kate Everitt has listed the following accessibility improvements that have been made since the initial launch of the app.


“There is more predictable keyboard behavior so you always know where you are in the app.

Navigation is more familiar. You can move to the content of an email using the Enter key instead of the F6 Key, and use the Escape key to move back to the message list.

Reading mails with bullet points with Exchange accounts is more reliable when using a screen reader.

We've worked on improving the names of items and information used by screen readers as you move around the mail app, so you have more information that you need and less that you do not. 

You can enjoy a more efficient reading experience for complex emails.”

Microsoft has built the Narrator screen reader into Windows 10, which provides added functionality through the Mail app. Microsoft is closely working with its UI Automation division to improve the screen reader, and also working with the developers of other screen readers and assistive technology.

Source: Microsoft

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