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Some Microsoft customers are unable to access Office 365 emails since nine days already


What started out as a buggy update released on January 18, is yet to be completely fixed by after nine days of outage.

Microsoft applied a faulty update to Office 365, which stops the users from downloading messages from the Exchange Online database via internet message access protocol.

The company has stated that although the number of users who have been affected by the issue is limited, but confessed that those customers affected likely have a large number of users experiencing impact”.

Following up on the complaint, Microsoft explained that the update caused a code issue, which prevents the subscribed folder list from automatically loading.

After marking the issue as resolved on January 24, Microsoft experienced a problem in rolling out the fix.

“The deployment process is taking longer than initially expected due to a configuration issue. Engineers reconfigured the problematic portion of capacity and are continuing to monitor the deployment to ensure it propagates throughout the infrastructure in a timely manner. Customers will begin to experience service restoration as the deployment progresses.”

CloudPro reports that it is unclear whether the issue with Office 365 is consistent with all of the users, or just some of them. While some customers reported that the service resumed on Monday, others reportedsay the service came back Tuesday morning.

However, one of the customers posted a complaint on Twitter yesterday that OneNote Online and Office 365 emails were inaccessible.

The latest issue with Office 365 is the fourth one in just two months, while other Microsoft services such as Xbox Live have also suffered from outage in the past month.

Source: CloudPro

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