msn weather app official

MSN Weather, MSN News and MSN Sports have been updated with new features and improvements on the Windows 10 Store, and are available both for Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop OS users.

MSN Sports and MSN Money app donĀ“t add any improvements apart from the typical bug-fixes.

MSN News now comes with Night / Dark Mode. The revered colors of the screen make it comfortable for reading in low light conditions and reduced the strain on the eyes as well.

The MSN Weather app comes with small improvements, as the app now displays humidity and barometer, besides wind and wind chill.

An update button has also been added to the MSN Weather app, which enables you to manually update the weather information if the app does not do it automatically.

msn weather app official

You can download the MSN apps suite here:

Download MSN Weather

Download MSN Sports

Download MSN News

Download MSN Money

Source: MicrosoftInsider