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Microsoft´s Power BI Windows 10 app now also available for PC users


After launching the interactive visualization tool for Mobile, now releases Power BI as a Windows 10 universal app for Windows 10.

Like on devices, the app comes offers optimized touch input which can be experienced on any screen size.

As Microsoft clarifies in a blog post, added support to Power BI brings native Windows 10 desktop features such as pressing and holding on your dashboard index to open the context menu, or gaining quick access to a dashboard simply by pinning it to your device home screen as a tile.”  

Making the best out of the Continuum feature for Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Power BI app can be experienced with a larger screen, making it a neat tool for sharing data and analysis reports during meetings. Connecting a keyboard and mouse to the Windows phone also enables users to use PowerBI as a desktop app.

Power BI app official Microsoft

For those who are unfamiliar with Power BI, it is a suite of business analytics tools from Microsoft, which enables you to collect, organize and view business data with a rich and interactive dashboard. Power BI caters to business users with its ability to create visually interactive reports, cross-organization analysis and more.

Power BI universal Windows 10 app is available for download here.

Source: MSDN, PowerBI

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