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Kantar Survey: Windows Phone loses global market share but grows in UK and China


The most recent smartphone survey by Kantar reveals the expected decline of . In contrary to the trend UK shows strong growth and also is seeing some improvement.

After receiving just a mild blow from the PC market share survey conducted by Gartner, Kantar's survey of global smartphone market share is a sore sight for . The report for Q4 2015 reveals a further worldwide decline for Windows Phone, especially in Europe, which has been considered to be the company's stronghold.

Numbers for the United States and Spain are also grim with a decline to less than half of the previous figures. The now reported loss across the Americas and Europe had been expected due to previously reported weak sales figures.

However a 1.8 percent increase was achieved in the UK after some special promotions at outlets such as Tesco and Carphone Warehouse Microsoft has taken some market share from , which saw a decline of 3.1 percent in the UK.

Smartphone market share kantar december-Q4 2015

Also the Chinese Windows Phone user base slightly increased in the fourth consecutive quarter by 0.5 percent. Taking China's population into account, even such a marginal growth increase of Windows Phone users in China is a very positive sign.

The overall 7.2 percent market share in Europe, down from 9.0 percent last quarter continues to keep Microsoft alive as a significant brand. With the upcoming release of the budget-range Microsoft Lumia 650 smartphone, Windows could see an increase next quarter.

Source: Kantar via WMPU