Windows  Mobile Build

Microsoft was expected to release an Insiders-only Windows 10 Mobile update alongside the desktop OS update on Tuesday, but the scheduled update will be for the common users.

It seems that Microsoft is taking is promise of keeping Windows 10 updates flowing very seriously, which is great news for all users. Our earlier report had already cast some light on the fact that Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.71 alongside the scheduled release on Tuesday.

As wmpoweruser reports, the single package links of Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.71 have already been placed on Microsoft´s servers and can be accessed from everybody.

Unlike reported earlier, Windows 10 Mobile update will be released as a regular update and not just to Windows Insiders. This news should help Lumia 950, 950XL and Lumia 550 users breathe a sigh of relief.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.71

Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.71 update will be pushed on Tuesday, alongside the desktop OS build as Microsoft continues to keep the mobile and desktop build numbers similar. Since the update is a part of the TH2 stream and not the Redstone stream, the update is expected to focus on bug fixes, refinements, and security fixes, instead of feature additions.

After the previous Windows 10 Mobile update released for the compatible Lumia phones, several users reported that they were facing battery and system instability issues.

Source: Microsoft via WMPU