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Microsoft: Cortana to get productivity enhancements for reminders and calendar management


has announced that is soon going to see two keys enhancements, which will improve its ability to assist in setting reminders and manage calendar entries.

Marcus Ash, the Group Program Manager of Cortana, explains in a blog post that the new features will be first released for the Windows Insider Program users, and will eventually be released for the regular users later.

Speaking about the upcoming enhancements, he stated that Cortana will help in “proactively reminding you about the things you have to do without you even asking, getting you to a meeting on time or helping to track and manage your calendar.”

Cortana will assist to manage your schedule

The first enhancement brought into Cortana will assist in creating reminders by closely monitoring the commitments made by the user in their conversations. Microsoft Research has worked closely with Cortana to develop these new abilities.,

A second enhancement will enable Cortana to manage calendar entries by helping you to set meetings in the most productive hours of your day.

Both of the new enhancements of Cortana are focused towards improving productivity of business users, which indicates the direction that Microsoft wants to set for its prized virtual assistant.

Marcus revealed that Microsoft is just scratching the surface of how Cortana can help you be more productive”, and that the company looks forward “to bringing you more features and scenarios that help you to achieve more.”

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