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Internal e-mail: Microsoft delays Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia 650 until February


According to an internal email from Microsoft, Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia 650 will not be rolling out until mid February because of last-minute software issues.

Though Windows fans and loyal users are eagerly waiting to welcome Windows 10 Mobile and the newest addition to the Lumia lineup, Microsoft plans to keep them waiting a little longer.

The Lumia 650 was already expected to be officially revealed by Microsoft, but an internal email sent by the company to telecom carriers and OEM manufacturers now says it´s going to take some more time.

As reported earlier, Microsoft´s Lumia 650 was set to launch first in Europe, with O2 being the official retailer in Germany. The release of Windows 10 Mobile update for older Lumia handsets has already been scheduled for mid or end of February, which was also reported recently through the response of French carrier, Bouygues Telecom on Twitter.

According to VentureBeat, the email sent out by Microsoft is not clear on the specific details about the delay of the release of Windows 10 Mobile. Some sources suggest that the delay in release of Lumia 650 is because of some software issues that have been noticed at the last minute.

Lumia 650 prototype via Venturebeat

Delayed update might be better for users

Microsoft had initially planned to release the Windows 10 Mobile update for current Lumia handsets with the update that was released for the Lumia 950 and the 950 XL. Although the high-end Lumia phones have already been blessed with Windows 10, they are scheduled to be updated with the latest build in February.

Hence, the current Microsoft Lumia owners will be able to enjoy the latest (and well-tested) build of Windows 10 Mobile. Windows fans have been waiting for Windows 10 Mobile for months, and further delay will not settle well with the crowd. Moreover, the delayed release of Lumia 650 will also be a downer for users who have been looking forward to the budget-friendly Windows phone.

Source: VentureBeat, Windows Central

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