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Gartner: PC Market to dip before Windows 10 picks it up in 2017


A new report published by Gartner predicts a a dip for PC sales in 2016 followed by a recovery with four percent growth for 2017 due to increased Windows 10 migration.

The latest news from IT research company Gartner is a mixture of good and bad news for Microsoft. According to the latest figures from Gartner’s market survey, device shipments are expected to grow 1.9 percent in 2016, which means more devices for tech firms to ship out. However, the survey also highlights a 0.5 percent drop in end-user spending for the first time ever.

As we reported a while ago, Gartner forecasted a drop in the PC market despite the introduction of Windows 10. Ranjit Atwal, the research director at Gartner explained that IT firms cannot target certain consumer regions, and their efforts need to be widespread.

“Driven by economic variations the market is splitting into four categories: economically challenged mature markets, economically stable mature markets and the same for emerging markets.

Russia and Brazil will fall into the category of economically challenged emerging markets while India will be stable, and Japan will belong to the economically challenged mature market.” 

Businesses are adopting Windows 10 earlier

The PC market is expected to drop one percent over the year, but the increase of 4 percent in 2017. The rise of sales in the PC market will be a direct result of more enterprises adopting Windows 10 and migrating their systems over the coming year.

Gartner has also forecasted a sharp increase in sales of Ultramobile devices, which includes Microsoft Surface tablets.

Speaking about the commercial adoption of Windows 10, Ranjit predicts that “by the end of 2017 “many business are looking to move as much as 40 percent of their installed base onto new Windows 10 devices, mainly driven by the appeal hybrid touch-screen 2-1. This will be the catalyst for growth in the PC market in 2017.”

Windows is taking the heat from Chromebooks

Microsoft continues to be the majoritarian power in the PC market, but the Chromebooks from Google are growing just at the right pace to cause trouble. As the numbers from a recent survey conducted by IDC suggest, the entire market share of Google Chromebooks grew from 1.9 percent in 2014, to 2.8 percent in 2015.

Google hopes to offer a budget-friendly replacement for Windows PC’s, and has compelled all the major brands to launch their own models of Google Chromebooks. The increasing percentage of Chromebook sales is not too threatening for Microsoft, but even a percentage of sales driven away from the company amounts to millions.

Source: Gartner, CIO

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