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Windows developers getting furious about Windows 10 Store app discovery issue


Several Windows app developers have reported that the Windows 10 Store’s search function is almost useless for finding apps.

Nikolaus Gebhardt is just one among many other Windows app developers who are dissatisfied with the Windows 10 Store due to its inability of providing a proper search function.

Gebhardt, who is the developer of the open-source 3D engine Irrlicht, is furious with Microsoft for being silent and unhelpful in fixing this grave issue.

The long-time Windows developer has voiced his opinion through his blog, describing how the sales of his app has been reduced due to low visibility, and now have almost stopped completely.

“Since Windows 10 arrived, the sales of all of my apps, which have been very low compared to other apps stores, have gone down significantly, nearly to zero (even the one I upgraded to Windows 10).

And it is not surprising that this is the case: You cannot find my apps anywhere in the app store. Unless you know the exact name of my app, you won’t find it.”

windows store app discovery issue

Nikolaus further explains that the search engine does not list the name of the app even if the user enters the keywords in the title, description, or even in the list of the keywords that have been submitted to the Windows Store it.

Numerous other developers have reported the same issue, where the search brings up their app only if its precise name is entered in the search field.

Why the Windows 10 Store is expected to be better

Although the problem of app discoverability has been a pertaining issue for Apple and Google as well, the Windows 10 Store has the advantage of catering to users with larger displays.

This gives Microsoft the ability to showcase more apps in comparison to the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store, but it has been unsuccessful to capitalize on it.

Since the Windows 10 Store is a much smaller platform when put against Apple and Google, the platform (theoretically) has a better chance of displaying better and more precise search results.

Although the Play Store is powered by the best search engine, Microsoft has Bing, which can be most useful in the Windows 10 Store than anywhere else.

Source: Irrlicht3D

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