IMAGE Windows  improved Cortana search with filter option

One of the more recent Windows 10 updates has added a nice filter option to the search results. Keyword searches can be narrowed down now with just two mouse clicks to Apps, Settings, Files and web-results.

Microsoft is continuously working to improve  the Windows 10 search experience with Cortana. While the Windows 10 search is quite useful with instant results for typed in keywords, the space to show them was quite limited.

As Windows 10 combines results from many categories, often you will see only two or three results for each of them.

The new search filter, which has been added in one of the latest updates allows you now to filter by Apps, Settings, Files and web-results. After typing in your keyword you just have to click or tap on the three little dots and then to select your filter.

Alternatively you can include the following search filters by typing them in manually before your keyword.

  • web:

  • apps:

  • settings:

  • files:

Typing in “web: edge” for example will narrow down your search to online-results. This is how it looks like in action.

Source: Windows Central