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Windows 10 Mobile upgrade seeing delays, older handsets might wait until late February


has started to roll-out already over phone carriers. While some users in Latin America did already get the upgrade, it seems that some customers will have to wait a bit longer.

For all of the users that have been waiting for their older Windows phone to get a taste of the latest update, you won't have it just yet. While Microsoft continues to be silent about when the Windows 10 update will be available for older handsets, international carriers have responded with varying comments.

As Windows customers patiently wait for their promised Windows 10 update, several carriers have announced that the updates have either already begun, or will be rolled out very soon. Several Windows phone users across Latin America have reportedly been upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile already.

Vodafone Australia has listed four Microsoft Lumia smartphones for the upgrade. The Windows 10 software version for these handsets has been listed as “Testing complete, awaiting confirmation of rollout schedule”. This suggests that the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile is imminent, and Microsoft's approval to roll out the update is being awaited. But as we reported earlier, the Lumia 630 has been removed from Vodafone´s upgrade program.




European users might have to wait even longer

The wait for the Windows 10 Mobile update may be longer for European carriers, like a response from French Bouygues Telecom suggests. Bouygues Telecom announced earlier that Windows 10 Mobile would be rolled out this week for older handsets. But as we know now, it just didn´t happen.

After some confusion by the carrier's social media team, it was finally tweeted that the update would not be available to older Windows phone users until late February.

Also other national carriers have announced the upgrade, but so far we have no signs that it has reached the users already.

T-Mobile Netherlands scheduled the upgrade between January 14 and January 21. Germany´s T-Mobile announced on January 6 that Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.29 would be rolling out to the following six Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 handsets: Lumia 535, 635, 640 LTE, 640 XL, 830 and 930.

As Microsoft continues to hold back the official release of Windows 10 Mobile update, the customers grow restless and the carriers are left out in the open to answer them.

Source: WMPU, Windows Central, T-Mobile

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