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ChakraCore gets Node.js: Edge´s open-sourced JavaScript engine hits important milestone


Microsoft has submitted a pull request to Node.js, which enables the runtime environment to optionally use the Chakra JavaScript engine.

Little more than a month has passed since Microsoft announced to share core components of Edge´s Javascript engine Chakra via GitHub as ChakraCore.

After unveiling their six month road-map and making ChakraCore publicly available, Microsoft now has hit a significant milestone by completing three out of the thirteen cross-platform line items on its list.

Microsoft has developed a shim that is positioned between the Node.js and the ChakraCore. Shedding light on the shim developed by Microsoft, the Chakra Pricipal PM Manager, Gaurav Seth explained its implementation in his blog post. Speaking about Node.js pull request and ChakraCore, Gaurav said:

This pull request enables Node.js to optionally use the ChakraCore JavaScript engine. Chakra Shim, which is a layer on top of the ChakraCore JS Engine, enables building and running Node.js with ChakraCore. This shim implements the most essential V8 APIs so that the underlying JavaScript engine change is transparent to Node.js and other native addon modules written for V8. All that is needed is to rebuild Node.js executable and native addon modules with ChakraCore.

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The pull request to enable Node.js to run with the ChakraCore engine from Microsoft has received a strong response from GitHub members. With almost a hundred conversations on the subject, most of the comments have been positive and inviting. However, several commenters have highlighted the fact that reviewing the code will be a mammoth task.

Microsoft Research will lend a hand

Understanding the length and complexity of the code, Microsoft announced that its R&D wing will assist the developers in advancing Node.js debugging. Microsoft Research will lend a hand in developing Time Travel debugging, which would enable the developers to “reverse execute” code from any given breakpoint.

Microsoft continues to encourage open-source efforts, and is not shying away from feedback through its different social channels. There has been a fair amount of positive response on the @ChakraCore Twitter handle, and the ChakraCore repository on Github, which should be an encouraging factor for the Node.js development team.

Source: Microsoft via Neowin

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