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Microsoft: First Hololens headsets to get 2.5-5.5h of battery life and pairing for shared experience


The first units of Hololens will need a recharge after 2.5h-5.5h, a representative has revealed at an event in Israel. Microsoft is however working on improved battery life for later versions.

According to Microsoft Technical Evangelist Bruce Harris, battery life is going to go up once manufacturing improves, but the first available units will be limited to an up time of 2.5h-5.5h.

He added that Hololens will be able to run any universal Windows app run natively “out of the box”. As we know so far, battery power will be the only way to use Hololens as the 3D holographic headset is operating completely wireless running on Wi-Fi and .

This won´t let you do a lot more than watching one movie on your wall. With a price of $3000 the first units of Hololens will definitely not be a consumer device, but strictly targeted towards developers. That Microsoft doesn´t offer a cable-option inside its Hololens Development Kit has caused some criticism.

Hololens engineering official Microsoft

The quite limited field of view which is similar to a 15 inch monitor at a distance of about two feet is another unpopular limitation. However, Harris reinforced that Microsoft will also improve the field of view in later editions of Hololens.

One unique feature he also spoke about was the capability to pair Hololens units via the Internet so two or more users will be able to share the view of virtual 3D projections.

Microsoft has promised to release the first units of Hololens in Q1 2016 inside a Hololens Development Kit.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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