Microsoft Pulse official

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Pulse will be partnering with big media outlets to offer Americans real-time feedback when President Obama is giving his final State of the Union address.

Pulse is Microsoft´s audience response system which offers live feedback from big audiences during  events via any web-enabled devices and or web browsers.

Microsoft is collaborating with some of the biggest news outlets, helping CNN, MSNBC, NBC Universo, and Telemundo to offer real-time audience feedback from all over the US.

“As the State of the Union begins on Tuesday, January 12, at 9 p.m. EST, viewers will be able to vote on whether they agree or disagree with what the president has to say through the tap of the screen or the click of the mouse on any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Pulse allows participants to react to the speech on a continuous basis by voting every five seconds, and as often as they want.

The results of the nation’s sentiment will be shared in real-time during the live broadcast by CNN and NBC Universo, and online through their digital livestreams by MSNBC and Telemundo.”

Microsoft Pulse official

If you want to participate during this State of the Union address, you can watch it live on CNN or NBC Universo at 9pm EST and vote at or The speech will also be streamed live on or where you also can vote in real time.

Source: Microsoft