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A senior communication manager for the Microsoft Surface has commented on Tim Cook´s claim the iPad Pro was capable to replace a full PC.

Dan Laycock from the Microsoft Surface unit has told Trusted Reviews that the iPad Pro was “always going to be a companion device” rather than a full PC. In his opinion the iPad Pro cannot offer the same power and experience than a standalone productivity device.

The remarks were made at CES 2016 where Laycock met with the guys from Trustedreviews, saying that “the strategies are very different”.

According to him “Microsoft really wants you to only carry one device for tablet and PC use … whereas the iPad Pro is always going to be a companion device.”

Laycock emphasized that Apple´s introduction was partly a response to the Surface Pro experience, remembering that “at one point in time, Apple declared that if there’s a stylus, that’s failure.”

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“So to see Apple do something that feels a little bit similar, that is clearly skewed for a bigger screen, and more productivity built in, and the ability to use a pen”, Laycock added.

He also said about Microsoft, that they would not see it as a one-to-one comparison, because the Surface Pro was a full PC running full apps.

While Apple has introduced a number of productivity-focused features with the iPad Pro, like app multitasking and picture-in-picture video, it clearly lacks the flexibility you get with a desktop PC.

Source: Trusted Reviews