Why Windows File Explorer is the best bookmarking tool

Using Windows File Explorer as a bookmark manager has various benefits. Creating organized topic collections and support for various browsers are just two of them.

Many people don´t really take benefit of the great bookmark managers of modern web browsers and just accumulate links by clicking the star button. Those unsorted bookmark collections quickly grow out of control.

What most people don´t know is that Windows File Explorer can also be used and for my taste in a much more intuitive and useful way.


In this video I show you the benefits of using Windows Explorer as a bookmark manager.

The biggest advantages

Saving bookmarks with Windows Explorer makes you browser-independent as you can just drag the bookmarks directly into any browser window.

Bookmarks can be created quickly using drag&drop saving the underlying text on the webpage as a bookmark description.

Windows can store bookmarks together with other files in topic related folders. While this is not a core bookmarking feature, the ability to mix bookmarks and files in Windows folders adds great value. I usually manage topics, not just bookmarks in separate folders where I also store documents, images and related downloads that I might need later.

When you save your bookmarks on OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar, you can always access them – even from other PCs.