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Edge browser market share down, despite increasing Windows 10 user base


's Edge browser keeps on toppling down, according to some sources. The replacement for Internet Explorer on struggles to retain its users.

Data from Net Applications, a U.S. based analytics provider has outlined Edge's share of Windows 10 with 39% for August. The numbers went down to 36.2 in September, and ended up having 31.2% by November. Net Applications measures global user share by tallying unique visitors to it's clients' websites.

Irish analytics company StatCounter has recorded Edge's worldwide share of Windows 10 with 15.2% in August. The following months clearly depicted a downfall with 13.9% to 13.3% and 12.9% by November.

StatCounter counts page views for their client sites to calculate usage shares. Its measurements uses a proxy for browsing activity, not the number of users using a specific browser.

Microsoft Edge Cortana official

Another source called Digital Analytics Program (DAP) has also depicted a downfall of Edge's numbers for the previous months. From 24.6% of Edge-powered visits to DAP's sites in September, the percentages went down to 23.2% in October and 22.4% in November.

DAP collects data from site visits of 4,000 websites on over 400 different domains managed by U.S. government agencies. DAP also counts site visits from smartphones and tablets, not only from desktop views.

Edge extensions not expected before 2016

The stats about illustrate how Microsoft fails to convince users to make Edge their main browser. Despite from being the default browser in Windows 10, people don´t seem to find it useful.

One major reason for this is the current lack of Edge extensions. Microsoft promised to support add-ons for the Edge browser already for this year. But in October, the Redmond confirmed that Edge add-ons or “extensions” won't appear until some time next year.

The latest information about the matter is from a preview Microsoft accidentally made available on its website recently where it announced extensions for Edge. Also, Adblock Plus has announced that it is working on an extension for Microsoft's Edge browser.

Surely all of the announcements made were Microsoft's call-to-action to increase usage shares once more. Fans will have to wait for next year to witness certain advancements for Microsoft's Edge browser.

Source: Computerworld

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