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Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK build 10586 with UWP improvements and Silverlight Bridge


The SDK build 10586  accompanies the recently released 1511 Windows 10 November update and includes the 2015 Update and other enhancements for app developers. The Silverlight bridge to convert  apps to UWP is now also available.

The Windows Kit (SDK) contains tools that can be used to create Windows 10 apps. With this new SDK update, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is improved and certain tools like the Silverlight bridge and evaluation developer virtual machines are present to aid developers in app-creation.

Silverlight bridge is a free Visual Studio add-in that helps bring Windows Phone 8.1 apps to UWP. Built by Mobilize.Net, this software analyzes source code which automatically converts codes to use UWP APIs. It currently has 2300 mappings.

mobilize.net windows phone uwp converter header

According to , fixing errors when porting apps is extremely easier using the improved version of Visual Studio 2015 and can save hours of time. Converting projects can be done with a minimum of changes as the Software does most of the work automatically.

Windows 10 SDK build 10586  also supports building Windows apps and desktop applications for other Windows versionssuch as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008.

Other improvements from the SDK update

A new API called Windows.UI.Composition directly targets the UI foundation layer that provides a fast graphical rendering of lightweight Visuals in 3D coordinate space. A high performance, real-time UI effects system is also part of it.

Using the SQLite data access library apps can access to local data of all Windows 10 devices SQLite implements an SQL database engine that is self-contained, serverless, and transactional without needing configurations.

Many more improvements are present in this Windows 10 SDK November update such as refinement in ink and keyboard, more flexibility to app installation on devices, updated APIs, and improvements for Bluetooth and networking.

Source: Windows Blog

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