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Skype 6.6 for iOS released, adds improved multi-tasking on iPhone and iPad


has just released 6.6 for and iPad loaded with multi-tasking features that offer direct access to other apps and options directly.

The updated software for iPhones and iPads features highlighted information such as phone numbers, addresses, times and dates which can be clicked to perform another action.

Skype adds the option to open other apps directly from inside. You now can locate other users by clicking on a highlighted address. The location then will open up directly in Maps.

Skype 6.6 iOS share locations official

Skype 6.6 showcases a whole lot of user-friendly features such as automatically setting up events grabbing the details from a chat. In calendar notes with call reminders a Skype chat URL will be automatically added which makes switching between notifications, calendar and Skype a breeze.

Going back to a Skype call—whether audio or video, is also now made easier in Skype 6.6. Tapping the active call banner enables users to swoop back into calls without hassle. Back-reading is much easier with an unread message counter which now can be seen at the top of conversations.

Skype and its previous versions

This new version of Skype merely focuses on helping users jump from one activity to another by just simply doing a single click. Skype continues to enhance their features as the previous Skype 6.5 for iOS was just released last October 28.

The previous release gave users new fun features like video messages, which can be send even if another contact is offline. A so-called Force Touch feature which reveals more actions about a sent location, photo or contact was also added.

By also keeping an eye on feedbacks, Skype also answered the concurring question of how one can hide and completely delete chats by enabling them to just swipe the contact or tap the Edit button. Sharing a Skype contact to another was also made easier on this version of Skype.

Source: Skype Blog

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